Special offers Apartments without own contribution

Our company offers apartments which fulfill the requirements of the Act on Guaranteed Housing Loan. Thus, our customers can buy apartments without own contribution.

Who is the offer for?

The programme is designed for people who are creditworthy and can afford to repay a mortgage, but do not have savings for own contribution.

Basic assumptions of the program

The new regulation introduces the possibility of covering with a guarantee a part of a mortgage loan taken out for the purchase of a flat. This part must constitute no less than 10% and no more than 20% of the expenditure (value of the real estate) for which the credit is taken. The guarantee replaces the requirement for an own contribution.

What conditions must be met to get a guaranteed loan?

The borrower and members of his/her household must not own another dwelling, unless the household includes two or more children.

n this case, they may own one additional dwelling altogether, but no larger than 50m2 when there are two children, 75m2 when there are three children and 90m2 when there are four children. For families with five or more children, the metric limit is no longer there.

Do you need professional help?

Contact us and learn more about the conditions of the programme - we will find a perfect solution for you! 

Which apartments fulfill the conditions of the Act?

We offer 1047 apartments in 18 projects which fulfill the conditions of the Act. 
Choose the project below and find an apartment with a special icon:

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