Balance Social Responsibility

We save animals

The animals are very important to us. HREIT is proud to be called the donor for the Pegasus Foundation which for the past 20 years has saved thousands of animals from back-breaking work, negligence and death. We are glad to be a part of this amazing initiative. The Pegasus Foundation saves not only horses but also animals such as donkeys, goats, lamas, cats and dogs. All the animals are treated with special care and attention. The asylum cooperates with the specialists from many different branches, such as: veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, zoopsychology. Their hard job makes these harmed animals trust people again. 

We live according to Immanuel Kant’s words: „We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”.
If only your hearts were full of love.

"Saving the life of one animal won’t change the world but the world will certainly change for that one animal."
– Pegasus –

We help the ambitious dreams come true

We are also the donor of Our Future Foundation, which aim is to support the educational and professional development of the high school students from Poland as we believe that supporting young talented people is extremely important. Thanks to Our Future Foundation, the students can choose from the best universities in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy. The beneficiaries have the possibility to study in the best and reputable universities in the whole world, such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge or Harvard University. 

Students can also benefit from the scholarship and mentoring programs which also give them enormous support and allow them to expand their knowledge and gain valuable experience. 

– We contribute to a long-term development of our country through preparing young people to be capable of undertaking global challenges - underline the OFF representatives.

Hreit - a partner in a Scholarship Program „Młodzi w Łodzi”

„Młodzi w Łodzi” is a scholarship program created by the City of Łódź in a cooperation with employers from this city. The main aim of the program is to offer the most talented students from the universities in Łódź the best possible conditions so that they would not like to leave the city after they finish their studies.

Till today there have been organized 14 editions of the program within which students put forward 5450 proposals to the scholarship programs in different companies. There are many forms of companies’ engagement, for instance: financial scholarship, financing the accommodation in a dormitory or financing the language course or other courses which improve the student’s competencies. The rules, regulations and conditions under which the students may obtain a scholarship are established by the founders in a cooperation with the coordinator of the program.

So, we are in a founders’ team now! Heritage Real Estate Trust will found an accommodation in a dormitory for one of the laureates.

Environmentally-friendly solutions

At HREIT, we are committed to environmentally-friendly solutions. We carefully design green communal areas that benefit the wellbeing and comfort of the residents, and above all help lower the temperature and purify the air. We sow flower meadows in courtyards, while retaining walls are the perfect place for creeping ivy. Green roofs, terraces and themed gardens are just some of the solutions that find their way into our projects. We build reservoirs to collect water for watering the greenery, and in looking after precious drinking water resources we recover grey water that is used to water gardens or flush toilets. By using heat pumps, we extract energy from the environment, thus reducing emissions. In order to meet the expectations of future residents, we install bicycle racks within the development site, use geogrid in the surface of outdoor car parks, while waste bins are designed for waste segregation. We look after biodiversity: we install houses and drinkers for birds and insects. We use environmentally-neutral raw materials and eco-friendly smog-absorbing paints.

Our projects are also developed to be registered in the BREEAM-certified project database.

BREEAM is the most widely used quality and environmental assessment system in the world. The scheme defines a standard of best practices for sustainable construction and covers aspects such as innovation, ecology, safety, economy and comfort. We build with care for the environment and the residents, with future generations in mind.

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